3 day sahara desert tour from Marrakech

You will discover the Sahara during a 3 day sahara desert tour from Marrakech. Enjoy a camel tour through Marrakech rural palm groves, race over the dunes on a quad bike. This is also, of course, a shared experience so you will spend some time with a group of people you haven’t met before. Marrakech to sahara desert and safaris start at around 50 euro for an afternoon, breakfast and dinner are included in the offer. You must prepare yourself properly before traveling. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and a hat. Smoking is not allowed and you must never bring your pet with you.

From the vast sandy beaches of the Atlantic, across the Sahara Desert, to the high, snow-capped peaks of Mount Atlas, Maroko extends. Few places on earth have so many interesting nature scenes that you can feel on your skin, such as swimming in the cool water of waterfalls. If you don’t go to Marrakech, as you haven’t even been to Morocco. Although every Moroccan city has its specific energy and identity, Marrakech is super old and this is what makes it special. Marrakech will delight you with the existence and longevity of your culture, buildings, monuments, and parks. It will not buy you beauty and appearance but what all these walls carry with you for centuries.

Marrakech is a fast-paced, noisy, crowded city, but its what makes it special. You will feel fantastic walking through those streets that are not even two meters wide while the sellers invite you to buy something or shout prices and shares. It is covered with shops and stands for sale because who doesn’t love the hustle and bustle of the desert for a little quieter vacation and sightseeing. For all those who thought that nothing was interesting in the deserts, we will reassure them, because after reading this, they will simply want to immediately book a flight and relax on an exciting vacation to the Sahara Desert with a 3-day tour from Marrakech.

The Sahara Desert is the perfect place for those who love the sun, the heat, the walk, learning about history from the nomads who know it best there. Nomad guides will lead you on a camel ride of course, without this experience you cannot fully experience all the energy of the Sahara Desert. What you can do even more exciting in the Sahara Desert is sandboarding. It is a boardsport and extreme sport for those who are brave and eager for action. Before you consider which desert to choose, here are some of the experiences that agencies provide online. Easy to book on the sites that put out the best offer to enjoy two days and nights in Zagora, watching the sunrise and set over the Zagora dunes. Fast online booking, package deal lasts two days, after booking this program will begin at 7:00 AM from Marrakech and most importantly you can cancel 24 hours before the activity starts. Pay particular attention before scheduling your trip, check the company you plan to schedule if they have a site and if there is any experience from other people who have traveled, and of course, compare prices elsewhere and choose the best one for you.