Maybe your Travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. CDC recommends that you simply don’t travel at this point. Delay travel and stay home to guard yourself against COVID-19.

 If you want to travel, here are some important points

• Are you, someone in your household, or someone you’ll be visiting at increased risk for getting very sick from COVID-19?

If you get infected you’ll spread the virus to loved ones during travel and once you return, albeit you don’t have symptoms. If your household includes one or more individuals at increased risk for severe illness, all relations should act as if they, themselves are at increased risk. Find out how to guard yourself et al..

 • Hospitals in your community or your destination overwhelmed with patients who have COVID-19? 

 • Does your home or destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers? Check state, territorial, and native requirements before you travel.

 • During the 14 days before your travel, have you ever or those you’re visiting had close contact with people they don’t live with?

 Some following activities can put you at higher risk for COVID-19:

 Going to an outsized social affair sort of a wedding, funeral, or party.

 Attending a mass gathering sort of a sporting event, concert, or parade.

  Being in crowds like in restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or movie theaters.

 Taking public transportation like planes, trains, or buses, or being in transportation hubs like airports.

 Traveling on a cruise liner or riverboat.

 Do your plans include traveling by bus, train, or air, which could make staying 6 feet apart difficult?

 Are you traveling with people that don’t accept you?


 The State Department has issued a replacement, strict “do not travel” advisory for U.S. citizens regarding five Mexican states due to violent crime and gang activity.

 While the State Department has long recommended travelers exercise “increased caution” in Mexico generally due to widespread homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, the new warning elevates the five states to level 4, the very best level of potential danger.

 In January 2021 the advisory issued, puts the states of Tamaulipas on the U.S. border and Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacán, and Guerrero on the Pacific Coast as A level 4 travel warning.

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