The Haunting Beauty of Lake Atitlan
Adventure-seekers yearn to experience heart-thumping fun blended with stunning beauty and a touch of danger. Lake Atitlán in Guatemala deserves a place on an adventurer’s list. Perhaps one of many world’s most gorgeous bodies of freshwater, the lake exists as a result of a long ago natural catastrophe. The danger that is hidden The lake fills a huge caldera formed by one of many Earth’s many spectacular volcanic explosions, as well as the region remains volcanically active. Many adventure-seekers destination an active volcano on their list. Should you choose that, then relish the heightened danger of seeing three active volcanoes from your lake-view hotel in a landscape over a brilliant volcano (just like the one in Yellowstone Park).

Guatemala designated the pond region a nationwide Park to protect the country’s pure beauty also to encourage tourism. Experience their nationwide treasure of volcanoes, a lake, and wildlife, but do not stop there. Meet with the Mayans! Yes, we said Mayans, the peoples that are native were part of the Mayan empire and tradition that have been “conquered” by the Spanish Empire between 1511 and 1697. Conquered means end of kingdom, maybe not the final end regarding the Mayan tradition, which nevertheless exists for you to experience in tiny villages just like the ones close to Lake Atitlán. Freshwater divers might arrange a dive on ancient Mayan villages under the pond.

As you consider planning a mix of views, hiking, diving, dining, wildlife, and experiencing the Mayan culture of people, languages, meals, traditions do not overlook the risk. Just take precautions to prevent or reduce the effects of robbery, a larger danger than volcanic activity. Keep your jewelry that is expensive and other control you will dearly miss at home. Any bad society contains a minority dark element that will prey upon, in place of support, the tourist industry. Make sure to travel in big teams, especially by land from the airport towards the Lake Atitlán region. A government or land that is hotel-provided with protection onboard should make fully sure your safety. As soon as at the lake region, the local Tuk-Tuks (car rickshaws) should really be OK to help you get about beyond walking distance. Enjoy your adventure!