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Maintain The Engine of Your Car The Easy Way

The life and soul of every single car is the engine. If the engine dies, your car dies as well. So keeping the engine alive and kicking, keeps your car alive as well. Any small mistake could potentially cause major damages. So to keep your engine alive and extend its lifespan it should be handled delicately.

Make Inspections Regularly

Conduct visual inspections on a regular basis to see any anomalies that might cause any problems in the future. This will give you a heads up if your components like coolant fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are getting worn out. Doing visual inspections on a daily basis can save you the hassle of spending money on repairs for you will be able to address any damages on the engine accessories before they spread and deal major damage.

Watch Over the Engine Oil

Engine oil deteriorates over time. The engine oil will slowly stop lubricating and the engine’s moving parts will be susceptible to heat and friction leading to damage. This opens up the risk of contamination of the engine by introducing carbon deposits, this will then clog the oil pickup screen and oil filter. This can lead to an even bigger problem which is reducing the oil supply of the engine causing heat that wears out the engine’s moving parts. Thus the best option would be for you to regularly check your engine oil and replace it immediately if it requires changing.

Mind the Fuel You Use

Never be complacent of using just any fuel or fluids, always introduce clean fluids. This keeps your engine clean and performing best.

Watch Your Battery.

The engine and battery are a one two punch. The battery should be free of any dirt and cracks to make sure it provides maximum performance.

Maintain Your Spark Plugs

Discolored spark plugs should always be discarded and watch out the distance between the contacts. Feeler gauges must be used in order to adequately check the gap between contacts. Spark plug cables and contacts should afterwards be cleaned and added with conductive grease to boost the connection. Broken plugs can harm the engine and its performance.

Remember to Use the Most Suitable Engine Parts

If you are replacing your engine accessories, choose those that are a perfect match for your car’s engine.It’s best to consult with your mechanic beforehand. Faulty engine components may damage the engine beyond restoration.

There are many other tips to maintain the engine, but these ones are considered most necessary. Choose the correct accessories alongside proper maintenance for your engine at a price you can afford.

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