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The Code of Conduct for Doctors and Other Health Practitioners

All human beings have a right to basic needs which entails proper meals, clean water for consumption, air and access to proper healthcare. Being a very sensitive department and just like other civil workers, the practitioners working in this field work under very strict code of ethics to protect the rights of the consumers while offering them the best services. Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may have severe consequences on both the employee and the entire health facility.

The service providers should ensure maximum solitude a discretion of the patient’s personal information. The human resources department is the most sensitive sector since this is where all the files are kept hence anyone working in this department should be secretive and never let any document out or accessed by unauthorized persons The files with personal patient data should be kept in places that are highly secure. A client has the right to sue any health facility that does not respect this right.

The personnel working in the health sector should also be trained to implement and maintain the professional standards of the medical sector. The standards may include being accurate in their duties and task performance as well as effective time management. Because they are in charge of life, the workers must always be very keen when delivering their services. Time management is also essential in tasks like treatment hours, checkups, giving medicines to patients among others. Failure to comply with the code of conduct at the workplace comes with great consequences as well as a poor corporate image of the facility among the customers and the entire business market.

The medics are also expected to continuously update their knowledge and skills so as to be at par with the latest expertise in the field of health. The regular improvements helps to ensure they are highly qualified at their jobs and tasks.

The right techniques of filing systems should be used when storing the patients’ documents. Patients have a right to accessibility of their documents at any time and demand clarification where they do not understand any details. Documentation should be one in accordance with the set rules and regulations.

The hospital bills made should be reliable and honest. Hospitals should be honest about the rates they charge the patients for services offered.

Communcations should always be done at the right time to give the patients time to think about the data and prepare to take the right action. Patients tend to take a longer time to respond hence communication should be done in advance.

Working by the code of conduct saves a lot for both the health facility and the worker as well.

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