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6 Simple Steps to Follow When Hiring a Painter for Your House Painting your house can be done in two ways.You can either engage a professional to do it or carry it out yourself, in case the job is not big and doesn’t require a lot of detail.Choosing the best contractor should be geared towards obtaining quality service at a sensible price.This means that you have to play your part in looking for a contractor to paint your house.Below are listed simple steps to help you in these process. Carry Out an Extensive Research There are always numerous painting contractors to choose from at any particular time.An elaborate research should be carried out to ensure that you settle for the best.You can easily obtain the information needed to make the right choice from the internet, friends and former clients of the painter. Select and Interview a Number of Contractors It’s advisable to interview more than three contractors before you settle on the best among them.This is intended to provide you with an objective analysis that will ensure that your choice is the right one.The interview provides you an opportunity to explain what you require and get the contractors’ feedback on the estimated cost of the project.Obtaining as much information as possible during this time is crucial if you wish to avoid signing the contract ignorantly.
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Get the Full Contract Details Ensure that you get a complete contract containing a detailed project description after choosing the best contractor. The contract information includes the contractor’s particulars as well as what is covered and what is not.Details of insurance cover should also be clearly spelt out in the contract to take care of accidents occurring during project implementation.Make a point of asking for a guarantee from the painter.The guarantee is the assurance by the contractor that they are willing and able to fix any mistakes that occur in the paint job during a specified period of time at no extra cost to you.
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Determine the Paints Required Selecting the paints that are required for the job should be your next activity.It is best if you choose them yourself.This will ensure that your preferred paint is used to finish your house. Finalize the Deal Making the down payment of the project is the next logical step after the preliminary details have been taken care of.The down payment should however not be too large.In addition to this, extra payments should only be made depending on the progress of the contract.This includes holding out the final payment which should be about 15% of the entire project cost until the project is completed.Doing this ensures that the contractor does exactly what they were told to. Thus, your satisfaction as a client is guaranteed.