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Ami Shroyer is not known for her songs but also because of her motivational and inspirational talks.She can also be described as an amazing mother of two kids who also lost her husband Michael recently.Michael did not only work in the church but he was also a motivational speakers like Ami.Ami Shroyer has also sang many praise songs which have earned her a lot of awards and also the congregation always sings along to them in the church.Ami Shroyer started singing back in the days when she was a small girl.She grew up loving Jesus and also she made a lot of friends. She was also able to travel to a lot of places because of her singing.Many people have been inspired by Ami Shroyer’s singing and speaking.Both the audience and the singer can have their feelings and emotions uplifted by songs and melodies.

Ami has not only given motivational speeches in different countries but she has also preached hope and peace in many wholeness centers.Uniting people has always been the goal of Ami and she has continued with it even after losing her husband. Ami Shroyer’s goal is not only to meet many ministry leaders but to also use her creativity to connect and unite many different people.. Ami Shroyer also has a body healing journey called The 511 Journey to Wholeness.The number five means the five senses of the human body while the number eleven stands for the eleven body systems.

A lot of people have also been able to heal and stand up for themselves with the help of Ami Shroyer’s singing. Ami has also written a lot of songs that are aimed in helping people who are going through the grief and loss of their loved ones.Acceptance, bargaining, anger, denial and depression are the five stages in the process of grieving which happens after the loss of a loved one.There are also other ways of healing by using essential oils.Ami has listed some of the essential oils and how one can use them to deal with pressure, stress, depression and any other discomfort.

Essential oils mixed up with massage oils can be used to relief pain.Lavender and lemongrass are mostly used essential oils for numbness and relieving pain.The blocking of signals by the brain can be achieved by the use of essential oils like lemongrass and ginger.Essential oils made from tangerine, orange and mandarin are good for the people who have difficulties in sleeping.Low blood pressure can be achieved by the use of essential oils like geranium, orange and tangerine.Bergamot, clove, orange and clary sage essential oils can be used to treat and reduce depression.You can also apply or take a shower using other essential oils together with doterra oils for positive outcomes of your body.

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