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Why Marketing Vis SMS Messaging is Extremely Effective

The majority of adults worldwide can communicate via mobile phone text messages. As such, business sms promotions are a special technique that can get to a very wide audience base in a short time, producing extremely remarkable outcomes. As long as your sms messaging is directed to willingly subscribed prospects, you can easily exploit it and yield remarkable lead-to-conversation rates.

SMS promotions need to be part of your business marketing because:

It’s a Straightforward and Instantaneous Approach

SMS is among the most direct messaging channels you can find. You can always determine a specific target of an sms and when they’ll receive it if their line is on. Typically, sms takes not more than a second or two to reach the target’s phone, with an open rate of 97% 15 minutes after delivery. Essentially, sms promotions stand out for their high-quality leads. It’s a reliable channel for sending those time-sensitive promotions to your existing as well as prospective customers.

You May Leverage Simple Shortcodes

It’s possible to utilize shortcodes for your phone number and facilitate easier feedback as you establish a customer database. Typically, potential customers should be making the first move toward sms messaging, but you have to give them a shortcode via promotional activities including using print collateral, billboard ads, advertisement, and social media. This approach means that prospects can easily associate the shortcode/keyword with your brand, improving the likelihood of them responding and interacting.

You Can Integrate it With Other Channels

All channels that are the backbone of your marketing mix must support each other, sms included. The good thing with sms is that can produce incredible results when used independently, and it has the capacity to support other marketing channels, for example social media and email. A good example of using sms is reminding potential customers to check out an email you sent them a little earlier or more than 24 hours before. This may just be short follow up messaging asking customers if they’ve read your email. The end game here is to use sms marketing to support email promotions, which may enhance email open rates by about 30%.

SMS is a Great Consumer Survey Tool

If you wish to elicit customer responses via surveys, sms can help a lot. Some studies indicate that 31% of recipients will reply sms survey questions received. Such responses will be received in 5 minutes, on average. What’s clear here is that sms is an effective channel for researching your customers and understanding them in a few minutes.

You’re missing out on an opportunity to engage your customers directly if you’re not using sms marketing. Over 90 percent of the people you target with sms will open it, meaning that you’re getting high quality leads.

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