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A Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous Coins

Alcoholics anonymous coins mostly referred to as the AA coin, AA chips or AA medallion is mainly found in the sobriety cultures.

These coins are round in shape and are given to members of the Alcoholics anonymous group as tokens during their twelve-step program or other recovery programs. These coins come with different colors which represent the number of days one has stayed sober, for example a green coin is for a six months without alcohol while a purple one is for nine months without alcohol.

A fellowship of men where there aim is to recover from alcoholism by encouranging each other, sharing experiences about their alcoholic life and their recovery one is usally refered to as Alcoholics anonymous group. Alcoholics anonymous becomes hope to the group members to recover and get back to normal lives.

The Alcoholics anonymous coins can be traced back in 1942 in that times sobriety groups where the medals had different colors to show the period one had stayed sober, the only thing that cannot be verified is the specific colors and their periods. The use of this Alcoholics anonymous coins increased during 1965 where their production had increased.

Making the recovery process a lifetime is what is important, therefore this individuals need to be kept motivated not to take alcohol and by having this coins it keeps reminding them that they need a higher coin thus should not drink. The straggle of how long an individual has been sober and fought alcoholism is commemorated using the Alcoholics anonymous coins.

The meaning of the AA coin is what really matters since the individual can control the way they consume alcohol thus moving towards being sober. Due to the normal logic created by the human mind that a higher profile is better than a low one the same is used in the recovery process from alcoholism where the individuals are striving to have a more senior medal, and since the medals are achieved by the time taken by the individual being sober then they will have no option but being sober which corresponds to becoming sober eventually. By making the Alcoholics anonymous groups free of politics, religion and institutions it makes it easy for the individuals to join this groups since they have no excuses not to join all that is required from them is the commitment to attending the meetings.

The importance of the chip coins cannot be ignored since their primary goal is to help the patient to recover from alcoholism their role is to keep the addict motivated to change their current addict state, this is also attributed to the fact that the medals differences have a meaning that is self-motivating.

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