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How To Choose The Right Leather Belt

Belts are not only meant to keep your trousers in place but rather it has already becme an impprtant accessory for both men and women. In every outfit, belts play a vital role as it will make the outfit more interesting. Belts are actually outdated but could also spoil your entire look. Today, there are a wide variety of belts that is available in the market that will help you in upgrade your outfit. With the help of this article, it will be easier for you to find the right belt.

You may think that the only leather that is used is cow leather, then you are very wrong. Some of the animal skins that are being used in making belts are Alligator, Ostrich, Lizards, Buffalo, Sharks and even Stingrays. It is important for you to also know that every leather strap is unique such as the leather from Ostrich which is known to be versatile. The lizard leather is very subtle and it has its highs and lows yet very strong and can charm to your outfit and can also a good accessory. Unmatched beauty is the best description for the crocodile leather even though it is rugged in shape. The shark leather on the other hand is a collector’s item due to the fact that it is very exotic. The calf leather is often preferred by professionals due to the fact that it has smooth finish. Buffalo leather is the best choice if you are into sports. If you want a belt for your corporate outfit, then you can choose to have the calf with an alligator overlay which turns out to be great accessory.

Today’s recent fashion, you can choose from a wide variety of belts that you can chose from. The basic belt types cannot be missed out. The natural color of the leather is brown, but due to the drying process there are different colors available. Leather belts in natural shades such as black to a more peculiar color such as red. Different lengths and widths are available that will fit your needs.

Want to buy belt that can last long? Then you can choose to buy the branded belts. This type of belts are made by cutting leather with multiples strips and then braided along their lengths. Buckle is the attached to the uncut part of the leather. Just to make sure, the leather is made from a single piece of leather.

Colored leather belts is not the only piece of accessory that adds color to your outfit. You can always choose to have decorated belts such as rhinestones, paintings and rivets. If you are a fashion freak, then you can always choose to have the studded belts. Today, more and more people choose to have the spike belts and have been in almost all accessory stores.

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